Bruce and Debra Corrigan have been a part of the Park City and Summit County community for nearly three decades. They built O’Shucks Bar & Grill on Main Street with Park City locals in mind. Businesses often shut down during the off-season, but until COVID-19, O’Shucks Bar & Grill is proud to claim it has not closed a day since opening its doors on Park City’s historic Main Street. In 1997, they expanded their business to Salt Lake City, building a second O’Shucks in the downtown financial district. And in 2002 they founded Ahh Sushi inside O’Shucks as a dining option for the business, student, sports, and cultural arts audiences. Then, in 2006 Bruce and Deb built a third O’Shucks, a kid-friendly place, in their Pinebrook neighborhood and an Ahh Sushi for the dinner crowd. In 2017, they began offering breakfast upstairs which quickly became a morning hot spot for the community. Bruce & Deb now bring you b&D’s. Today, all three Corrigan boys work at O’Shucks, Ahh Sushi, and b&D’s. “It’s a family affair.” Deb says, “Our three locations are much like our three sons – they all sort of look alike and are related, but each are very different, very much their own and I am so very proud of them all.”

“If we take care of the locals, it doesn’t really matter if the tourists find us.” – Bruce Corrigan

O’Shucks, this small family business is the longest running single-proprietorship bar/restaurant on Park City’s historic Main Street.